Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Turkish Criminal Law is an important branch of law designed to protect the peace and order of society and to secure the rights and freedoms of individuals. In our country, crimes regulated in the Criminal Code and related legislation are met with certain penalties. The role of  turkish criminal law lawyers is vital in this process.

Crimes and Punishments in Turkish Criminal Law
The Turkish Penal Code defines various crimes and sets penalties for these crimes. Crimes such as theft, fraud and murder form the basis of criminal law. Each crime carries a specific penalty, which may vary depending on the nature of the crime, the manner in which it was committed and various other factors.
There are many different types of cases under Turkish Criminal Law, but some may be more common than others.

Criminal Law

Here are some of the most common case headings in Turkish Criminal Law:

Theft and Robbery: Various types of theft crimes such as real estate theft, vehicle theft, shoplifting are common.

Voluntary Manslaughter: This is the act of one person intentionally killing another person. Murder cases fall under this category.

Mutilation and Intentional Injury: The act of one person intentionally harming another person. Under this heading, there are various degrees of injury offenses. 

Drug Manufacturing and Trafficking: The crimes of manufacturing, selling or trafficking in narcotics are among the frequently encountered case titles.

Threat and Blackmail: It is also common for a person to threaten or blackmail another person in order to harm or intimidate them.

Sexual Assault and Rape: Sexual assault and rape are also common crimes in Turkish Criminal Law and carry serious penalties.

Fraud and Forgery: Financial crimes such as bank fraud and credit card fraud are among the most common cases.

Offenses Related to Traffic Accidents: Crimes related to traffic accidents such as causing death or injury as a result of negligence, drunk driving are also common.

Carrying and Using Weapons: Crimes of illegal carrying and use of weapons are also among the most common cases in Turkish Criminal Law.

The main purpose of the investigation is to determine whether the suspicion of a crime is sufficiently high to require a trial. In this sense, the prosecutor investigates whether there is sufficient evidence and whether the acts in question are considered as criminal by the criminal law.

Strong Defense with Antalya Criminal Lawyer
The services of an experienced and specialized lawyer are of great importance for those seeking a criminal lawyer in Antalya. In a criminal case in Antalya, the guidance and defense of a reliable lawyer is crucial to act quickly and effectively.

Professional Support in Turkish Criminal Law
You can get professional support from Baris Erkan Celebi, an experienced Turkish criminal lawyer, in all matters related to criminal law in Turkey.
Choosing a lawyer who will guide you in all matters related to Turkish criminal law and effectively defend your rights will ensure that you have a fair trial.

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