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Arrested or Detained in Turkey


Finding yourself detained or arrested in a foreign country can be a distressing experience. Here’s a guide on what to do if you find yourself or someone you know arrested in Turkey or detained at a Turkish airport.

A) If it is You who gets Detained or Arrested in Turkey

1) Stay Calm:

Panicking can worsen the situation. Remain calm and try to understand the seriousness of your situation. Do not physically resist the police officers. Avoid saying anything that could potentially worsen their attitude towards you or jeopardize your legal position.

2) Learn the Reason for Your Arrest:

It’s your right to know why you are being detained. Politely ask for clarity on the charges against you, if any. The reason for your detainment or arrest might be a detention order or arrest warrant against you. On the other hand, apprehending someone in the act of committing a crime does not require an arrest warrant or detention order. It is advisable to let your lawyer decide whether to challenge the legality of the arrest.

3) Embassy Notification:

Request that the authorities notify your country’s embassy or consulate. By law, they must notify the embassy of your detention or arrest in Turkey. Embassy staff can provide vital support.

4) Legal Representation:

Insist on not answering any questions until your lawyer is present. If you cannot afford legal representation, the Turkish government will appoint a state-provided lawyer.

5) Communicating with Family:

By law, at least one of your relatives, friends, or someone you choose must be notified of your detention or arrest. Either you should be allowed to make a phone call, or the police should make a call in your presence. Use this opportunity to inform your family or a friend about your detention or arrest in Turkey.

6) Clarify Your Legal Representation:

When a lawyer visits, confirm whether they have been appointed by the state or by your family and friends. It’s crucial to know who is representing you to avoid confusion.

B) If a Friend or Relative Is Detained or Arrested

1) Gather Information:

Find out where they are being held. This could be a police station, airport detention area, or courthouse.

2) Hire a Turkish Criminal Lawyer:

Contacting a reputable Turkish criminal lawyer or law firm is essential. Provide them with all the information you have, such as the detainee’s full name, nationality, and the known details of their detainment.

3) Relay Information to the Lawyer:

Share any details you know about the detainment or arrest with your lawyer. If you know where they are being held and what they are being accused of, share this information with your lawyer. If you lack specifics, your Turkish criminal attorney will take the necessary steps to find out.

Selecting the right legal representation is critical. Turkish criminal lawyer Baris Erkan Celebi and his criminal law firm in Turkey offer fast legal support to foreign nationals who get detained or arrested in Turkey.

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