Real Estate and Construction Law

Real Estate and Construction Law

Real Estate and Construction Law

Contracts Concerining Sale And Purchase Of Real Estate

Real estate sale contracts allow the transfer of the ownership of a real estate, are prepared officially in writing and entered into before a land registry officer. Due to the reason that these contracts are considered to be a part of the registration, obligation to transfer the ownership of a real estate cannot be promised independent of the official contract. This is why a contract of promise of real estate sale is considered to be a frontal contract.

A contract of promise of real estate sale is issued by public notaries. However, in order to contend this contract against third parties, it needs to be registered in the land registry. With a contract of promise of real estate sale that was issued and entered into properly, either party can compel the other party to perform the contract and transfer the ownership of the real estate in land registry.  A contract of promise of real estate sale can be terminated either by the parties’ intentions, performance of the contract, statute of limitation or termination by convenience.

Consulting and Representation in relation to Acquisition Property of Foreigners in Turkey

In 2012, with the amendment made in the provision 35 of the Land Registry Law no. Transfer of ownership of real estate to foreign persons; It is possible with the official deed and registration to be signed and signed in the authorized Land Registry Directorate as applied among the citizens.

For foreign legal persons, it is not possible to rulet he acquisition of real estate in Turkey. Foreign legal entities; based on the provisions of the Turkish Petroleum Law or the Law on the Encouragement of Tourism, the owner may own or own limited rights in real estate. This restriction does not apply to the pledge of immovable property.

Citizens of foreign countries who do not have mastery of Turkish law and legislation have problems while dealing in the Turkish real estate market and from time to time legal disputes occur.Antalya Lawyer and Antalya Attorney Barış Erkan Çelebi and his Antalya Law Firm offer legal services to prevent these conflicts from the beginning and help clients securely purchase, sell, mortage, rent and let real estates.


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