The principle of this law practice is to be professionally responsive to the clients, to be always at their disposal for their needs, to keep them informed in each step of the process and to safe-guard their interest at all times.

Client Care

Client satisfaction via top-notch reliable legal counsel in English and Turkish forms the basis for our conduct of business.


Efficient legal service means adapting a protective approach to legal disputes in terms of clients’ time and money, striving to solve disputes outside of courtroom and mitigation of the costs of exercising the right to seek legal counsel.

“The magistrates are the ministers for the laws, the judges their interpreters, the rest of us are servants of the law, that we all may be free.”

Marcus Tulius Cicero

(106-43 BC) Writer, politician and great Roman orator.

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Main Practices

INCOTERMS in International Trade Agreements Drafting contracts properly in international trade agreements is essential in commercial law. Drafting and reviewing

Acquisition Of Shares, Drafting Negotiating Shareholders Agreement A shareholders agreement (SHA) is a contract signed by either current or future

Maritime transport today serves the transport of high-volume or heavy goods in a wider geography compared to road transport, air

Contracts Concerining Sale And Purchase Of Real Estate Real estate sale contracts allow the transfer of the ownership of a

Pension, Health Insurance, Insurance of Goods, 3rd Party Liability Insurance, Life Insurance, Fire Insurance, Theft Insurance and Other Insurances An

Criminal proceedings start with the suspicion that a crime might have been committed, and they end when the said suspicion

A foreigner is a person who is residing in Turkey and not a Turkish citizen. Immigration Law means the set

DRAFTING CONTRACTS AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION Contracts are set of rules that form the basis of many relations in daily life.

DOCTORS’ PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY Health law sets out norms that regulate the liability of doctors against the hospitals, clinics, colleagues, other


To file an uncontested divorce suit you will need to sign a divorce protocol with your spouse, setting the terms for alimony, child support and custody, if any. You will then need to submit petition to the family court together with the protocol and your family identity registration copy.

In order to collect your debt, you need to start enforcement proceedings before the execution office where the debtor resides. To start enforcement proceedings you need to issue a payment request and attach to it any contracts, invoices, negotiable instruments etc. that document your debt.

As per the principle of freedom of contract, you may issue and sign a contract in many areas of Code of Obligations. However, to prepare a binding contract you will first need to make sure that the subject of contract does not require special validation conditions.

Contracts such as real estate sale, guarantee, ship sale, vehicle sale require special conditions lack of which result in invalidity of contract. We strongly recommend you consult with your attorney before preparing any important binding contract.



Barış Erkan Çelebi graduated from American Robert College in 2011 with an extensive merit scholarship. After completing a student exchange program in Krakow Jagiellonian University’s Faculty of Law…

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