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The principle of this law practice is to be professionally responsive to the clients, to be always at their disposal for their needs, to keep them informed in each step of the process and to safe-guard their interest at all times.

Client Care

Client satisfaction via top-notch reliable legal counsel in English and Turkish forms the basis for our conduct of business.


Efficient legal service means adapting a protective approach to legal disputes in terms of clients’ time and money, striving to solve disputes outside of courtroom and mitigation of the costs of exercising the right to seek legal counsel.

“The magistrates are the ministers for the laws, the judges their interpreters, the rest of us are servants of the law, that we all may be free.”

Marcus Tulius Cicero

(106-43 BC) Writer, politician and great Roman orator.

Antalya Lawyer | Baris Erkan Celebi

Main Practices

Criminal Law Criminal proceedings start with a simple suspicion that a crime has been committed, and they end when the

Maritime Law & Shipping Law A contract of carriage the subject of which is only the carriage of cargo from

Company Incorporation and International Investments As per Turkish Law, foreign nationals may freely incorporate a company in Turkey, be its

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Introduction to the Turkish CBI Program While there are several ways to apply for Turkish citizenship,

Inheritance of Foreigners in Turkey As per the Turkish International Procedural Law the inheritance of a foreign national in Turkey

Buying a Real Estate in Turkey Turkey’s Booming Real Estate Market The real estate market in Turkey had never been


As per the 106th Turkish Presidential Order dated 18 September 2018, foreign nationals who purchase an eligible property worth at least 250,000 USD may apply for Turkish citizenship by investment, on the condition that they pledge not to sell the real estate for at least 3 years. More Details

All foreign nationals who travel to Turkey on a tourist visa and wish to reside in Turkey for touristic purpose may apply for residence permit. However, it is in the discretion of the local immigration office whether to grant residence permit. More Details

In Turkish law, real estate purchase contracts can only be drafted by and signed in land registry offices (“Tapu”). Any other written contract regarding a sale of real estate in Turkey is null and void, regardless of whether the price of the real estate has been paid. One cannot buy an apartment simply by signing a hand-written contract with the seller and/or the real estate agent and paying the price; this cannot be emphasized enough. More Details


Antalya Lawyer Baris Erkan Celebi

Antalya Lawyer

Barış Erkan Çelebi graduated from American Robert College in 2011 with an extensive merit scholarship. After completing a student exchange program in Krakow Jagiellonian University’s Faculty of Law…

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Antalya Lawyer and Antalya Attorney Baris Erkan Celebi and his Antalya Law Firm specialize in offering reliable legal counsel to foreign nationals and international investors in Turkey. His Antalya Law Firm is referred by several countries, including the United States of America, to their own citizens in Turkey. Antalya Lawyer Baris Erkan Celebi specializes in Criminal Law, Shipping Law, Inheritance Law, Corporate Law, Immigration Law and Commercial Law. His Antalya Law Firm mainly offers services such as Company Incorporation & International Investments, Real Estate Purchase & Property Background Checks, Turkish Citizenship and Turkish Residence Permit Applications.


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