The Crime of Robbery in Turkish Penal Code

 The Crime of Robbery in Turkish Penal Code

The crime of robbery is regulated at the articles of 148-150 in the Turkish Penal Code. There are multiple crimes combined into a single type of crime in the crime of robbery, which are physical violence, coercion and burglary. It seems that more than one legal value is preserved in the crime of robbery which are possesion, the right for property, the freedom of a person, the freedom of the will and the personal immunity.

The act that is prohibited in the first paragraph of the article 148 of the Turkish Penal Code is forcing somebody for goods to be delivered from them, or forcing somebody for not to resist these acts while using algebra or threat. 

In the second paragraph of the article, the actual robbery of the promissory note is regulated. 

Physical Violence And Threat 

Movements made in the crime of robbery are divided into vehicle movements and purpose movements. The vehicle movements are using physical violence and threat and the purpose movements are tot ake the goods away from somebody.

The Result 

As soon as the goods are received, the crime is completed. In this crime, there is no need for additional damage to the victim’s assets. The perpetrator does not necessarily need to benefit from the goods they received in order fort his crime to occur also.

The Perpetrator And The Victim

The perpetrator may be everybodyelse, if the perpetrator is a public officer then the penalty they will get will be incrased because of the article 266 of Turkish Penal Code. 

The perpetrator to be more than one person is an another reason fort he penalty to be increased. 

The victim may also be everybody, there is no special condition seeking for that. According to the first paragraph of the article 148, the subject of the crime is a good, while according to the second paragraph that the subject of the crime is a promissory note.

Investigation and prosecution of the robbery crime does not depend on any complaint.

The Penalty

The sanction prescribed by law for the basic form of robbery crime is imprisonment from six to ten years. If an aggravating circumstance of the crime occurs, the perpetrator faces a prison sentence of ten to fifteen years such as comitting this crime with a gun or comitting this crime with another people or comitting this crime at a house.


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