The Crime Of Forgery Of Official Documents in Turkish Penal Code

The Crime Of Forgery Of Official Documents ın Turkish Penal Code

The crime of forgery of documents is regulated under the title of crimes against society of the Turkish Criminal Code. The subject of this type of crime is the term “document”. 

Ways Of The Crime Of Forgery Of Documents To Occur

The document must be forged, changed, used, corrupted, destroyed or hidden in such a way as to deceive others in order for the crime of forgery of documents to occur. 

What Is The Document?

 The concept of document is used in the sense of document and refers to the meaning of writing, photography, vesica, and painting that testifies the fact. In order for an object to be considered asdocument, it must contain a will description.

The object whose content is overwritten must be time-resistant in order to be able to mention a document.

The document must be written to form the subject of the crime of forgery. A simple copy is not a document in the sense of criminal law, in a certified copy, the situation differs from a simple copy. The document must have content that has a legal meaning. The document’s editor must be specific, the document must be issued by a public official.

Types of documents are divided into official documents and special documents.

The Period Of Time For The Complaint 

Since the crime of forgery in official documents is not related to the complaint, there is no period of complaint.

The Penalty For The Crıme Of Forgery Of An Official Document

If the crime of forgery in an official document is committed in a simple form of the crime of falsifying an official document, changing or using it to deceive others, the penalty to be given to the accused is a prison sentence of 2 to 5 years.

The penalty for forgery of an official document is 3 years to 8 years in prison if it’s edited, changed or used by a public officer by a misconduct arising from the position of a public official caused by the duty of a public official. If the document that is the material subject of the crime of forgery in the official document is from the official documents that are valid until its forgery is proven (fixed), the penalty for the crime determined in accordance with the above paragraphs is increased by 1/2.

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