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State Incentives for Foreign Investors in Turkey Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is general, incomplete and does not constitute financial, tax or legal advice. I. OVERVIEW Over the

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UNJUSTIFIED ENRICHMENT AND CLAIMING COMPENSATION (REIMBURSEMENT OF PAYMENTS) UNDER TURKISH LAW Unjustified enrichment means that one party, through its assets or effort, increases another party’s assets (or decreases it debts)

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INCOTERMS 2020 HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED INCOTERMS, an acronym which stands for international commercial terms, are standard terms published and trademarked by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), for and used in international

Carrier's Legal Liability Under Shipping Law

Carrier’s Legal Liability Under Shipping Law In shipping law, a carrier is legally liable for the loss, damage and delay of the cargo. The shipping law provisions of the Turkish

10 Most FAQ on Turkish Citizenship by Investment

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Turkish Citizenship by Investment   1) What is the new Turkish Citizenship by Investment Law? As per the 106th Turkish Presidential Order dated 18

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Turkish Residence Permit

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Turkish Residence Permit   1) Who Can Apply for Turkish Residence Permit? All foreign nationals who travel to Turkey on a tourist visa and

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5 MOST FREQUENTLY-ASKED QUESTIONS ON HOW TO BUY REAL ESTATE IN TURKEY 1) How to Legally Buy Real Estate in Turkey? In Turkish law, real estate purchase contracts can only

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WHICH TYPE OF COMPANY TO INCORPORATE IN TURKEY? 10 Major Differences Between Limited Liability Companies and Joint-Stock Companies In Turkish corporate law, the two most-commonly seen commercial legal entities are

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Buying a House

OBTAINING TURKISH CITIZENSHIP BY BUYING A HOUSE WORTH 250,000 USD 106th Turkish Presidential Order dated 18 September 2018 has introduced new and important changes to the Regulation on the Application

Residence Permit in Turkey - Antalya Lawyer

TURKISH RESIDENCE PERMIT AND TEMPORARY RESIDENCE PERMIT IN TURKEY Law on Foreigners and International Protection dated 2013 regulated and introduced many rights for foreigners in Turkey and potential immigrants. One

Buying, Selling and Mortgaging Real Estate in Turkish Law

BUYING, SELLING AND MORTGAGING REAL ESTATE IN TURKISH LAW In Turkish Law, the conditions required for a legal transfer of real estate are 1) Registration in the land registry, and

New Developments on Foreign Investments into Turkey

NEW DEVELOPMENTS ON FOREIGN INVESTMENTS INTO TURKEY AND ANTALYA Turkey is world’s one of the rapidly-growing economies with its foreign trade capacity exceeding 391 billion USD annually. Turkey’s leading trade

Turkey attracts investors with new CBI program and lowered investment amounts

New regulations in Turkey offers foreign investors the opportunity to become citizens with a $250,000 investment in a residential property or a $500,000 investment into a business.