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Legal Due Diligence Turkish Law

Due Diligence for Venture Capital in Turkish Law

Legal due diligence in Turkish law is a critical assessment process aimed at identifying and evaluating legal risks associated with a potential investment in Turkey. Due diligence in Turkish law covers various legal aspects, including regulatory compliance, contract obligations, and the legal standing of the venture.

Key Areas of Legal Due Diligence for Venture Capital Investments

A) Regulatory Compliance

Investors must verify that the venture complies with Turkish regulations. This includes checking for necessary permits, licenses, and adherence to industry-specific laws.

B) Intellectual Property Rights

Protecting intellectual property (IP) is paramount. Due diligence should assess the venture’s IP rights, patents, trademarks, and copyrights to ensure they are valid and undisputed.

C) Contractual Obligations and Agreements

Review all contracts and agreements, including employment contracts, supplier agreements, and customer contracts. It’s crucial to identify any potential liabilities or obligations that could impact the investment.

D) Financial and Tax Compliance

Financial due diligence overlaps with legal due diligence, focusing on the venture’s financial health and tax compliance. Ensuring accurate financial records and adherence to Turkish tax laws is essential.

E) Litigation History

Investigating any past or ongoing litigation involving the venture can reveal potential legal and financial risks.

F) Company Valuation

Company valuation is crucial in understanding the financial worth of the venture. It involves analyzing the company’s assets, earnings, market position, and growth potential to establish a fair valuation. This step is vital for investors to determine the investment’s potential return and negotiate investment terms effectively.

Choosing the Right Due Diligence Lawyer in Turkey

Selecting a Turkish due diligence lawyer or law firm experienced in Turkish legal due diligence for venture capital is vital. They should have a deep understanding of Turkish law, venture capital investments, and the specific industries involved.

The Role of a Turkish Due Diligence Lawyer

A skilled due diligence lawyer will guide investors through the legal landscape, providing detailed analyses and identifying red flags. They act as a crucial advisor, ensuring that the investment is sound and legally secure. Turkish Lawyer Baris Erkan Celebi and his law firm in Turkey offer legal due diligence services to venture capital investors.


Legal due diligence in Turkish law is an indispensable part of venture capital investments in Turkey. It offers investors a clear picture of the legal health of their potential investment, minimizing risks and paving the way for successful ventures. Engaging with a proficient Turkish due diligence law firm early in the investment process is advisable to navigate the complexities of Turkish law effectively.

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