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Liability Law

LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY LAW Liability arised from contract A contract is a legal process that is created by the agreement of the will of two or more persons, which creates obligations for all or part of the parties. If a party fails to fulfill its legal obligations arising from the

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law What is an Enforcement Proceeding? An enforcement proceeding means claiming a receivable by means of the force and the means of the state via the enforcement directorate in the event that a debt is not performed. Enforcement proceedings are divided into two; writ of sequestration in

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Family Law

Family Law MARRIAGE Marriage refers to the union of a woman and a man through a legal process called marriage, in accordance with the law. Imam marriage and living together do not constitute marriage. Marriage is formed by the marriage process. Before marriage, a preliminary stage is called engagement. The

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Foreign Investments Law

Foreign Investments Law The first regulations on foreign direct investments in Turkey were put into effect with the Law No. 6224 on the Encouragement of Foreign Capital on 18 January 1954. Law No. 4875 on Foreign Direct Investment, which is a more comprehensive and innovative regulation in the light of