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BlogObtain Turkish Citizenship by Buying an Apartment in Istanbul

Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Buying an Apartment in Istanbul

Turkish Citizenship by Investment program is the most in-demand CBI program in the world right now. As per the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program, foreign nationals can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property for 400,000 USD in Turkey. In order to obtain citizenship, the investor must prove that he/she has invested at least 400,000 USD from a foreign country into a Turkish real estate. If the investor satisfies the conditions for the eligibility of the property and then applies for Turkish residence permit for investors, the investor may apply for Turkish citizenship.

İstanbul is the biggest city and the financial center of Turkey. It is also the city that has the highest number and ratio of foreign investments into real estate market among other Turkish cities. İstanbul’s ever-growing real estate market offers thousands of brand new residential projects to foreign investors who are interested in investing into Turkey. Buying a house in İstanbul for 400,000 USD will grant Turkish citizenship to the investor, to his/her wife/husband and to their underage children.

İstanbul real estate agencies offer affordable and quality apartments that are eligible for Turkish Citizenship by Investment. Hiring an İstanbul real estate agent to help you find an İstanbul property will also facilitate the transaction between the foreign investor and the builder/seller of a brand-new İstanbul apartment.

The role of an İstanbul real estate agent is to introduce the seller to the buyer and to broker the real estate deal until such time as the buyer either purchases or legally commits to purchase the real estate in İstanbul. Foreign investors who wish to find the best options among countless new projects in İstanbul in a limited period of İstanbul visit are advised to work with reliable real estate agents with large portfolios and many contacts to builders in various parts of İstanbul.

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