How to Obtain Turkish Work Permit

Turkish Work Permit

How to Obtain Turkish Work Permit?

Obtaining a Turkish work permit, also known as Turkish blue card, is a structured process that involves both the employer and the foreign national aspiring to work in Turkey. This permit grants legal authorization to foreign nationals to engage in employment within Turkish borders. Here, we delve into the nuances of how to navigate the process of securing a Turkish work permit, outlining the essential steps and conditions mandated by Turkish employment regulations.

Preliminary Steps for the Foreign National

Before embarking on the journey to obtain a Turkish work permit, foreign nationals must first secure a residence permit. This foundational step is crucial as it establishes the individual’s legal presence in the country. Following this, the prospective employee must engage in job hunting, identifying potential employment opportunities that align with their skill set and professional background.

Employer’s Role in the Application Process

Once employment is secured, the onus shifts to the Turkish employer to initiate the work permit application process. The process is employer-driven, requiring the employer to compile and submit the necessary documentation to the Ministry of Labor. This approach underscores the Turkish government’s intention to streamline the process, ensuring that foreign nationals are sponsored by their employers.

Conditions for Work Permit Approval

The Turkish government has set forth specific conditions to regulate the employment of foreign nationals, aiming to balance the labor market dynamics and protect local employment. These conditions include:

Employee Quota:

To get one of their foreign employees a Turkish work permit, employers are required to maintain a ratio of five Turkish employees for every foreign employee on their payroll. This policy aims to encourage local employment and ensure that the hiring of foreign nationals is based on genuine need.

Minimum Capital Requirement:

To qualify for hiring foreign nationals, an employer must demonstrate financial stability. A critical indicator of this stability is having a minimum of 100,000 TL of paid capital in the company, verified by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) report. This condition ensures that the employer is capable of sustaining its operations and fulfilling its financial obligations to its employees.

Residence Permit Validity:

Foreign employees must hold a valid residence permit for at least three months prior to the application for a work permit. This requirement ensures that the employee has a legal basis for their stay in Turkey, separate from their employment prospects.

Job Agreement:

A formal written Job Agreement between the employer and the foreign employee is mandatory. The Ministry of Labor provides a standard format for this agreement, which outlines the terms of employment, including a stipulated minimum wage. This agreement serves as a formal contract, safeguarding the rights and obligations of both parties.

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