How to Get Married in Turkey as a Foreigner

Getting Married in Turkey

How to Get Married in Turkey as a Foreigner

Can Foreign Nationals Get Married in Turkey?

Yes, foreign nationals are permitted to marry in Turkey, whether to a Turkish national or to another foreign national.

What Are The Required Documents for Foreign Nationals to Get Married In Turkey?

The required documents to get married in Turkey are:

  • Birth certificates, duly attested and translated
  • Passports, translated and duly attested
  • Certificates of eligibility for marriage (also known as bachelorship certificates) duly attested and translated
  • 4 photos each, 4×6 cm
  • Health report from the doctor
  • Talasemi blood test results

How to Apply to Get Married in Turkey?

To marry in Turkey, a couple must apply together and in person at the relevant municipality. Women wishing to retain their surname must declare this intention during the application process. According to the law, couples cannot marry in Turkey on the same day the application is submitted; thus, a mandatory 1-day waiting period is required.

What is the Minimum Legal Age to Marry in Turkey?

The minimum legal age to marry in Turkey is 18. However, 17-year-olds can also marry in Turkey with their parents’ consent.

Are there any Restrictions to Marrying in Turkey?

As a rule, it is not possible to marry in Turkey within 300 days following the conclusion of a previous marriage. In Turkey, individuals over 65 can only marry if they have a doctor’s report confirming their full mental capacity to consent.

What is the Turkish Marriage Certificate?

Turkish marriage certificate, also known as Turkish Family Certificate or Livret de famille international, is an internationally-recognized certificate of marriage. It is issued to couples who get married in Turkey. This bilingual document, presented in both Turkish and French, gains international recognition under the Agreement signed in Paris on September 12, 1974, by all signatory countries.

Is My Country Going to Recognize My Marriage in Turkey?

All couples who marry in Turkey are issued the internationally-recognized marriage certificate in Turkish and French language. In addition, upon request the couples are also issued a one-page marriage certificate in English language. Couples can get both these documents stamped “Apostille” by Turkish authorities. By presenting these documents to the authorities of their own country, couples can easily and conveniently get their married recognized in their own countries.

Getting married in Turkey as a foreigner can be difficult to follow for foreign nationals. Due to the amount of paperwork and attestation needed, foreign nationals often require legal assistance to get married in Turkey.

Antalya Lawyer Baris Erkan Celebi and his Antalya Law Firm provide legal assistance to foreign nationals who wish to get married in Turkey. Antalya Attorney’s services include advice on the required documents, assistance in procuring the relevant documents and getting them duly attested, assistance in obtaining the doctor reports and blood test results, assistance in notarizing and translating the documents, drafting, signing, and notarizing all Turkish prenuptial agreements and assistance with the booking of the marriage ceremony.

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