How to Get Married in Turkey

How to Get Married in Turkey

How to Get Married in Turkey

How Can Foreigners Get Married In Turkey And What Are The Required Documents to Get Married In Turkey?

Getting married in Turkey can be difficult to follow for foreign nationals. Due to the amount of paperwork and attestation thereof needed, foreign nationals often require legal assistance in order to get married in Turkey.

The required documents to get married in Turkey are:

  • Birth certificates, duly attested and translated
  • Passports, duly attested and translated
  • Certificates of eligibility for marriage (also known as bachelorship certificiate) duly attested and translated
  • 4 photos each, 4×6 cm
  • Health report from doctor
  • Talasemi blood test results


In order to get marrie.d in Turkey, a couple must apply together and in person to the relevant municipality. Women who wish to keep their surname must state so during the application.

By law, a couple cannot get married in Turke.y on the same day as the application is made. Therefore, 1 day waiting period is mandatory.

Legal age of marriage in Turkey is 18. However, 17 year-olds can also get married in Turke.y with their parents’ consent.

As a rule, it is not possible to get married in Turke.y within 300 days from the end of a previous marriage.

People over 65 can only get married in Turke.y if there is a doctor’s report that says they have the full mental capacity to consent.

Antalya Lawyer Baris Erkan Celebi and his Antalya Law Firm provide legal assistance to foreign nationals who wish to get married in Turke.y. These services include advice on the required documents, assistance to procure the relevant documents and get them duly attested, assistance for obtaining the doctor reports and blood test results, assistance to notarize and translate the documents, drafting, signing and notarizing all Turkish prenuptial agreements and assistance with the booking of the marriage ceremony.