Essential Documents for Company Formation in Kemer, Turkey

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Documents Required for Company Formation in Kemer, Turkey

Before initiating the process of company formation in Kemer, it’s crucial to provide specific details to your attorney, including:

  • The primary business sector of operation.
  • Number of shareholders, distinguishing between individuals and legal entities.
  • Number of directors, specifying individuals and legal entities.
  • Initial capital investment.
  • Preference for company headquarters location: leased office, shared office space, or private property.

Once informed, your attorney can advise you on the requisite documents for Turkish company formation.

Documents Required to Register a Limited Liability Company in Turkey

To establish a limited liability company in Turkey, individuals and legal entities must provide the following documents:

For Individuals:

For Legal Entities:

  • Attested Certificate of good-standing.
  • Attested Certificate of registration, including articles of association.
  • Attested Resolution of general assembly.
  • Tax identification number and registration office details.
  • Attested Signatory circular.

Required Documents for Registering a Joint-Stock Company

In addition to the above documents, shareholders of a joint-stock company must deposit 25% of their equity’s nominal value into a bank account opened under the company’s name. Proof of this deposit is necessary for submission to the trade registry directorate.

Is an Office Mandatory for Company Registration in Turkey?

While declaring a headquarters is obligatory, Turkey offers flexible options. New businesses can choose virtual offices or shared spaces to minimize initial expenses.

For legal guidance and assistance in compiling necessary documents for company formation in Kemer, consult Kemer Company Lawyer Baris Erkan Celebi and his esteemed kemer company law firm.