Documents Necessary for Turkish Company Formation

Documents Necessary for Turkish Company Formation
Documents Necessary for Turkish Company Formation

Before considering the necessary documents to start a company in Turkey, the investor needs to inform the attorney on the following details:

  • The main field of business that the investor plans to operate in
  • The number of shareholders, including information on how many of them are real persons and how many are legal entities
  • The number of directors, including information on how many of them are real persons and how many are legal entities
  • The amount of starting capital
  • Whether the company headquarters is to be a leased office, a shared office space, or the investor’s own property.

Then, the attorney can advise the investor on the required documents to form a Turkish company.

What are the Necessary Documents to Register a Limited Liability Company in Turkey?

To start a limited liability company in Turkey, usually the following documents are required from each person/entity who is to be a shareholder and/or director:

A) Documents that are required from real persons:

  • Power of Attorney (PoA) to incorporate companies in Turkey, attested*1
  • Translation of the first page of passport, attested*
  • Professional headshot photo from the shoulders up**
  • Potential tax ID number
  • Proof of address

 *Please consult with your attorney on how to attest documents so that they are internationally recognizable.

 **The photo needs to be either printed as 3 copies in proportions of 3,5 cm x 4,5 cm, or digitally scanned. The face should face the camera directly, without any shades, angles, expressions.

B) Documents required from each legal entity:

  • Certificate of good-standing (proof of being operational), attested*
  • Certificate of registration (official incorporation records) including a copy of the articles of association, issued either by the chamber of commerce which the entity is registered at or by the courts of jurisdiction, all attested*
  • Resolution of general assembly (a decision of shareholder’s meeting) stating their decision to set up this company in Turkey and the appointment of the person who is to represent the shareholder in this company that is yet to be incorporated, attested*
  • Tax identification number and the office of its registration (needed only as information)
  • Signatory circular (proof of representation power) for the authorized signatories of the legal entity, duly authorizing the signatory as the representative of the legal entity as per their respective laws, attested*.

What are the Required Documents to Register a Joint-Stock Company

In addition to the aforementioned documents that are required for LLC, each of the shareholders of a joint-stock company needs to deposit 25% of the nominal value of their respective equity in the company, into a bank account that is opened on the name of the future Joint-Stock Company. The shareholders need to obtain proof of this bank deposit and present it to the trade registry directorate along with the rest of the documents.

Is an Office Necessary for Company Registration in Turkey?

While every company must declare a headquarters, Turkey offers flexible options. New businesses can opt for a virtual office to minimize initial costs, signing a lease for shared office space as a temporary solution.

Antalya Lawyer Baris Erkan Celebi and his Antalya Law Firm offer legal support for procuring and compiling the necessary documents for company formation. If you need legal assistance with the necessary documentation for opening a company, please consult an Attorney in Turkey who has experience in company formation.

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