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Buying Real Estate in Turkey | Antalya Lawyer | Antalya Law Firm

Buying Real Estate in Turkey

5 MOST FREQUENTLY-ASKED QUESTIONS ON HOW TO BUY REAL ESTATE IN TURKEY 1) How to Legally Buy Real Estate in Turkey? In Turkish law, real estate purchase contracts can only be drafted by and signed in land registry offices (“Tapu”). Any other written contract regarding a sale of real estate

Residence Permit in Turkey - Antalya Lawyer

Residence Permit in Turkey

TURKISH RESIDENCE PERMIT AND TEMPORARY RESIDENCE PERMIT IN TURKEY Law on Foreigners and International Protection dated 2013 regulated and introduced many rights for foreigners in Turkey and potential immigrants. One of the most important regulation that was brought by this law is foreigners right to apply for temporary residence permit

Expert Witness in Turkish Law - Antalya Lawyer

Expert Witness in Turkish Law

EXPERT WITNESS IN TURKISH LAW Baris Erkan Celebi, Attorney at Law … Full Article only available in Turkish … V. CONCLUSION Witness expert is a new institution which was introduced to the legislation in 2011 by the article 293 of the Civil Procedure Code. However, prior to the Civil Procedure