Guide to Registering a Business in Antalya, Turkey

Guide to Registering a Business in Antalya
Guide to Registering a Business in Antalya

Registering a Business in Antalya, Turkey: Essential Documents and Steps

Are you planning to start a business in Antalya, Turkey? Before diving into the registration process, it’s crucial to gather the necessary documents and understand the steps involved. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate through the process smoothly.

Determining Essential Details

Before proceeding with the registration process, it’s essential to inform your attorney about the following details:

  • The primary field of business you intend to operate in.
  • The number of shareholders, specifying the ratio of real persons to legal entities.
  • The number of directors, distinguishing between real persons and legal entities.
  • The initial capital investment.
  • The type of company headquarters, whether it’s a leased office, shared space, or your property.

Once you’ve provided these details, your attorney can offer tailored advice and guide you through the necessary steps.

Necessary Documents for a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

For individuals and entities intending to establish a limited liability company in Turkey, the following documents are typically required:

A) Documents for Real Persons:

  • Power of Attorney (PoA) for company incorporation, duly attested.
  • Translation of the first page of the passport, attested.
  • Professional headshot photo meeting specific requirements.
  • Tax identification number.
  • Proof of address.

B) Documents for Legal Entities:

  • Certificate of good standing, attested.
  • Certificate of registration and articles of association, attested.
  • Resolution of the general assembly, attested.
  • Tax identification number and office registration details.
  • Signatory circular, attested.

Required Documents for a Joint-Stock Company

In addition to the documents required for an LLC, shareholders of a joint-stock company must deposit 25% of the nominal value of their equity into a designated bank account. Proof of this deposit is necessary during the registration process.

Office Requirements for Company Registration

While every company in Turkey must declare a headquarters, there are flexible options available. Businesses can opt for virtual offices or shared spaces to minimize initial costs.

Legal Support for Company Formation in Antalya

If you require assistance with procuring and compiling the necessary documents for company formation in Antalya, our experienced attorneys at Antalya Law Firm are here to help. Get in touch with us for comprehensive legal support tailored to your business needs.