What is overtime wage according to the Turkish Labor Law

What is overtime wage according to the Turkish Labor Law

According to the Turkish Labor Law No. 4857, the working time must be no more than 45 hours per week. This period is applied equally divided into the working days of the week in the workplace unless otherwise agreed.

The Equalisation Term Under The Regulation Of Overtime Wage

In case of agreement between the employee and the employer, some weeks within the 2-month period (collective bargaining agreements can be extended to 4 months) can be worked more intensively with the registration of not exceeding 11 hours per day. If there is an average of 45 hours of work  in the 2-month period which means that if less work is done in the remaining weeks there can not be mentioned as overtime wage. Here the equalization provisions applies.


Periods exceeding 45 hours per week are considered excessive work or overtime wage If there is no equalization.  

Sometimes, the weekly working time between the employee and the employer is determined as less than 45 hours. Workings that exceed the average weekly working time and up to forty-five hours are considered as excessive works or overtime wage.


 If the weekly working time in a workplace subject to the Labor Code exceeds 45 hours, it means that there is overwork or an overtime wage here.


Role Of The Employee On Overtime Wage

There must be a written approval of the employee must be obtained in order to perform overtime wage. This approval is not sought for work for mandatory reasons or for extended periods of time in emergency situations. Before 25.08.2017, approval for working more than the worker had to be was obtained at the beginning of each year. It is now sufficient if approval is obtained once for overtime wage.


The employee can withdraw his / her consent by notifying the employer in writing 30 days in advance. 

According to Turkish Labor Law No. 4857, overtime wage is regulated when the weekly working time exceeds 45 hours. In our law firm in Antalya, we provide legal counsel to foreigners on matters related to overtime wage and labor regulations. As a law firm in Antalya, you can contact us to benefit from our experience and reach the best result, we will be pleased to serve you.