The Search Warrant According to the Turkish Criminal Procedure Law

Search Warrant  For The Suspect Or The Perpetrator

In cases where there is reasonable doubt that they may be caught or that evidence of a crime may be obtained, the suspect or the perpetrator may be searched above, also  their properties, residences, workplaces or other places may be searched.

Search is a protection measure that interferes with housing immunity, privacy, personal freedom, body integrity. For this reason, it is a protection measure detailed in the constitution and the Criminal Procedure Code. A prevention search performed to prevent the commission of a crime and a judicial search after the commission of a crime are two separate forms of search protection measures. Search Warrant

Judiciary Search

Judicial search is the process of investigating the person’s private life in special places, on the person, on their private papers, on their property, in order to capture the person, suspect, accused or convicted under reasonable suspicion of committing or participating in or cringe at it, and to obtain traces, artifacts, signs or evidence of the crime.

The Scope Of The Search

According to the distinction made about the people to be searched, the search is divided into two: the search for those who are under suspicion of a crime and the search for those who are not under suspicion of a crime.

It is possible to mention a distinction in the form of searches on the person, his / her property, his / her home, his / her workplace and other places that belong to him / her.

Items That May Be The Subject Of The Search

Any movable property of a person may be the subject to a search. It is not necessary that the item in question is owned by this person. In order for the goods to be searched, it is enough for the person to be in the area of the actual dominance of the good.

Conditions Of The Search

The first condition for searching for the person that is suspected of a crime for the purpose of apprehending the suspect or accused or obtaining evidence of a crime is that there is a reasonable suspicion.

According to Turkish law, reasonable doubt is usually a doubt in the face of concrete events according to the flow of life.

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