The Action For Evacuation

The Action For Evacuation

The conditions required for the evacuation of a rented property are collected under two headings. Reasons from the Executive Bankruptcy Law which are provisions on eviction of leased real estate by enforcement, and the reasons from the Law Of Obligations which are reasons for eviction based on general provisions about rents.

Reasons From The General Provisions Of The Law Of Obligations
  1. Default of the hirer
  2. The lease giver must use the leasehold for themselves, their spouses, children, parents, or other people to whom they are obliged by law due to housing or workplace requirements
  3. The requirements of the new owners of the leasehold
  4. The lessee is to undertake to vacate the leasehold on a certain date in writing

The lessor may initiate the legal process related to these reasons above for whichever conditions of the eviction case are favorable depending on the reasons for the lease.

The Competent Court İn Charge Of The Eviction Action

Lawsuits against the lessee may be filed in the magistrate’s court for reasons numbered in the law or for violation of the contract.

Attachment and Evic Demand With Execution For Debt

The eviction process can be initiated through direct undeclared enforcement follow-up. If the lessee  does not pay the rent debt 

The debtor must pay the debt within 30 days according to the payment order to be sent to the debtor, otherwise, the eviction will be notified. It must also be written that the debtor can appeal to the lease agreement and debt within 7 days.

Conditions Of Lessee Eviction With Enforcement Follow-Up
  1. The debt must not be appealed during its duration, or even if it is appealed, its appeal must be removed by the court.
  2. The lessee must not pay the debt within 30 days period that is given with the payment order sent to the debtor mentioned above
  3. An eviction case must be filed and an eviction decision must be made by the court after the 30-day payment period has passed.

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