Prosecution Of The Crimes Committed By Foreigners In Turkey

Prosecution Of The Crimes Committed By Foreigners In Turkey

Constitutional Arrangements In Turkey Regarding Foreigners

There is no clear regulation in the Constitution regarding the prosecution of crimes committed by foreigners in Turkey. Regulations on the basic rights and freedoms of  foreigners in the article 16 of the Turkish Constitution is arranged.

The limitation of fundamental rights for foreigners can only be made by law in accordance with international law. 

Status Of Foreigners According To Turkish Penal Code

States have limited powers to punish. Each state regulates the area of punishment according to its domestic law, not according to international law. Turkish laws are being applied to the  crimes that are committed in Turkey. If the crime is partially or completely committed in Turkey or if the result of the crime occurs in Turkey, the crime will be considered as committed in Turkey. 

Crimes Committed By A Foreigner

If a person has more than one citizenship, and one of these citizenships that a person has is Turkish citizenship, these people will be treated as citizens in terms of the application of Turkish laws. 

If a foreigner commits a crime that requires a minimum prison sentence of at least one year in accordance with Turkish law in a foreign country to the detriment of Turkey, and if they are located in Turkey, they will be punished according to Turkish law.

If the above-mentioned crime is committed to the detriment of a Turkish citizen or a private legal entity established under Turkish law and if the perpetrator is located in Turkey, the perpetrator shall be punished according to Turkish law upon complaint. For this reason, the perpetrator must not have been sentenced in a foreign country for this crime. The complaint in question must be made by the person who has been harmed by the crime.


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