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Malta Golden Visa Program

Live in the Heart of the Mediterranean Discover the unparalleled charm of Malta, a gem nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its splendid climate, friendly people, low crime rate, and superb quality of life, Malta is an attractive destination for those seeking a new home or a second residence.
The Malta Golden Visa offers a unique opportunity to reside in this beautiful island nation, renowned for its excellent air links and vibrant lifestyle.

About Malta

The Maltese archipelago consists of three islands: Comino, Gozo, and Malta, with a total population of over 467,000 inhabitants. Strategically located just 80 km off the southern coast of Sicily, Italy, Malta enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate with sparse rainfall between March and October The Malta government offers various incentives and support for foreign investors, creating a favorable environment for investment and entrepreneurship.

  • Population: Over 500.000
  • Languages: Maltese, English
  • Economy: Advanced and  innovation-driven
  • Currency: Euro
Malta Golden Visa
Malta Golden Visa 2024
Malta Golden Visa 2024

Overview Of The Malta Golden Visa Programs

First introduced in 2021, the Malta Golden Visa Program aims to attract high-net-worth individuals and their families looking to enhance their global mobility and secure a safe and stable residency in Europe. Successful applicants will be granted Maltese residency, with the opportunity to apply for citizenship after a specified period, provided they meet the necessary requirements.

Investment Options

Real Estate Investment

Government Bonds

Business Investment

Contribution to the Maltese Community

How Much Does The Malta Golden Visa Program Cost?

Malta Golden Visa by Real Estate Investment

The most common route to obtain Maltese residency is through real estate investment. The minimum investment required is currently €300,000, with reduced thresholds of €250,000 for properties in Gozo or the southern region of Malta. Additional due diligence and processing fees apply and vary depending on the applicant’s age and family size.

Malta Golden Visa by Government Bonds

Applicants can also obtain residency in Malta by investing a minimum of €250,000 in Maltese government-approved bonds or stocks.

Malta Golden Visa by Business Investment

Creating a minimum investment of €500,000 in Maltese businesses or enterprises can also qualify an applicant for the Golden Visa.

Malta Golden Visa by Contribution to the Community

Contributing a minimum of €750,000 to a national development fund or cultural and sports initiatives in Malta can also qualify an applicant for the Golden Visa.

Malta Golden Visa Program
Malta Golden Visa Program

How Long Does It Take to Obtain Residency by Investment in Malta?

The Maltese government aims to process applications within six months of submission. Typically, applicants spend 2-6 weeks gathering necessary documentation. Our processing team will guide you through the entire process, and applications can be submitted remotely.
Important Note: Only authorized international agents can promote the Malta Golden Visa Program. Ensure your agent is approved to avoid complications.

Malta Golden Visa Requirements

Family Requirements

Family members can be included in the application for the Malta Golden Visa. The main investor can include:

  • Spouse
  • Dependent Children
  • Dependent Parents

Minimum Stay Requirements

The Malta Golden Visa Programme does not impose minimum residency requirements. Residents of Malta have the right to reside, work, or study in Malta if they choose to, although this is not mandatory under the programme. There is no language proficiency test required.

Due Diligence Requirements

All applicants must demonstrate good character and undergo the Maltese government’s due diligence procedures. Investors must:

  • -Provide police reports – evidence of a clean criminal record
  • -Have no history of visa refusals
  • Submit various documentation, including financial statements, employment/business documents, ID, proof of address
  • Attend a virtual interview if required
Malta Golden Visa
Malta Golden Visa

How to Obtain Malta Golden Visa Through Investment?

Step 1
Book your free consultation with our team of experts to discuss and decide which program and investment route is best suited to you and your family. Our experienced consultants will provide you with a personalized quotation which will cover all applicable fees. They will advise and guide you through the entire process in detail.
Step 2
For your peace of mind, before you commit, we will run a pre-application background check to ensure your application is likely to be successful. Once this has been completed and you are happy to proceed, you can formally initiate the process by signing our Client Facilitator Agreement and paying the pre-application deposit.
Step 3
Our in-house processing team will work closely with you to prepare your application. Once your file has been fully compiled, our team will submit your application to the SEF. Government fees will be required at this stage. From this point, applications take an average of 5-6 months to be processed.
Step 4
Following the SEF's comprehensive due diligence checks and analysis of your application, an approval letter from the government will be issued, and you will then be required to make the final payment. Portuguese residency cards usually take around one month from the granting of the residency.
Upon completion of comprehensive due diligence checks and evaluation of your application by Maltese authorities, an approval letter will be issued. You will then be required to make the final payment. Maltese residency cards are typically issued within one month of approval.

How We Can Help

Establishing yourself or your business in Malta requires building relationships with key partners such as government officials, bankers, and corporate professionals. Our experienced consultants at Baris Erkan Celebi law firm can help you navigate the complexities of the immigration and business relocation process, ensuring a smooth transition to your new life in Malta.

For more detailed information and personalized assistance with the Malta Golden Visa, Malta Permanent Residence Program, or Malta Citizenship by Investment Program, contact us today. Let us help you make Malta your new home and unlock the myriad opportunities it offers.

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