How to buy real estate in Antalya?

How to buy real estate in Antalya?

Foreign nationals may freely buy real estate in Turkey, subject to certain limitations in terms of total size and number of real estates. However, real estate sale contracts are only valid if they are drafted by the land registry office and signed before a land registry officer. Any other real estate sale contract is null and void, whether it is hand-written or typed and signed, and whether the price of the real estate has been paid to the seller or not.

Before you buy a real estate, it is recommended that you contact a Turkish real estate lawyer in Istanbul or a real estate attorney in Antalya. If it is an Antalya real estate, then you can contact an Antalya lawyer, an Antalya attorney or an Antalya law firm. If it is a Kemer real estate, then you can contact a Kemer lawyer, a Kemer attorney or a Kemer law firm. If it is an Alanya real estate, then you can contact an Alanya lawyer, an Alanya Attorney or an Alanya law firm.

After you consult with a real estate lawyer, you need to get a property expert assess the value of the property and prepare a survey report. Your lawyer will then check whether there is any mortgage on the property, whether the relevant residential permits have been obtained at the municipality. Your property attorney can then arrange a secure form of payment so that the transaction will be finished quickly and legally securely. Real estate sale tax is 3% of the declared value of the property that the survey report mentions. The moment you get the title deed at the land registry, you will be the legal owner of the real estate.

After you buy a real estate in Turkey, you need to get a mandatory earthquake insurance before you connect the utilities such as water and electricity. Annual real estate ownership tax is 0.2% in major cities such as Antalya, İstanbul, İzmir and Ankara.