Maritime handel og transport lov

Maritime Commerce & Transport Law

Maritime transport today serves the transport of high-volume or heavy goods in a wider geography compared to road transport, air transport and even rail transport due to logistics. Ever-spreading maritime transports require norms that regulate and explain the terms of maritime commerce, risks and dispute resolution methods. In this respect, Maritime Commerce Law was invented. In Turkish Commercial Code, a ship is a vessel that is not too small by maritime standards, appointed to a specific purpose, able to move in water.

Goods that are transported by sea are called cargo while the commercial contracts that determine the transport of these goods in exchange for a fee are called contracts of affreightment. Contracts of affreightment are divided into two in terms of the rights of the shipper. Voyage charters are contracts that assign a specific part of the ship to the shipper while time charters are contracts that assign the commercial command of the ship to the shipper for a specific amount of time.