Forsikring og gjenforsikring

Insurance & Reinsurance

Pension, Health Insurance, Insurance of Goods, 3rd Party Liability Insurance, Life Insurance, Fire Insurance, Theft Insurance and Other Insurances

An insurance company may operate either in the field of life insurance or other insurances, never the both. Life insurances ensure that the life standards of the decesased policyholder’s family or the injured policyholder will remain the same after the death or injury of the policyholder. Premiums in a life insurance depend on the policyholder’s age, profession and gender.

Non-life insurances are insurance that concern risks other than the policyholder’s life and health. They usually cover risks to the policyholder’s property and the losses arising from the realization of risk. These insurances may be issued against specific unwarranted events such as earthquake, fire, accident or theft or they may cover some activities in general such as traffic, transport, agriculture etc. Due to the reasons that the subjects of these insurances are limited and that they cover risks concerning property, they are susceptible to abuse. This is why it is important to obtain legal services when drafting, signing and executing insurance contracts.