Commercial Law

Commerciële Wet

INCOTERMS in International Trade Agreements Drafting contracts properly in international trade agreements is essential in commercial law. Drafting and reviewing obligations set out in international commercial agreements varies according to the applicable law. This is why International Chamber of Commerce introduced to the commercial life a set of notions that

corporate law


Acquisition Of Shares, Drafting Negotiating Shareholders Agreement A shareholders agreement (SHA) is a contract signed by either current or future shareholders, determining the relations between a shareholder and the rest of the shareholders and/or and the company. By this agreement the parties determine their responsibilities for the realization of the

Maritime Commerce & Transport Law

Maritime Commerce & Transport Law

Maritime transport today serves the transport of high-volume or heavy goods in a wider geography compared to road transport, air transport and even rail transport due to logistics. Ever-spreading maritime transports require norms that regulate and explain the terms of maritime commerce, risks and dispute resolution methods. In this respect,

Real Estate and Construction Law

Onroerend goed en bouwrecht

Contracts Concerining Sale And Purchase Of Real Estate Real estate sale contracts allow the transfer of the ownership of a real estate, are prepared officially in writing and entered into before a land registry officer. Due to the reason that these contracts are considered to be a part of the

Insurance & Reinsurance

Verzekeringen en herverzekering

Pension, Health Insurance, Insurance of Goods, 3rd Party Liability Insurance, Life Insurance, Fire Insurance, Theft Insurance and Other Insurances An insurance company may operate either in the field of life insurance or other insurances, never the both. Life insurances ensure that the life standards of the decesased policyholder’s family or

Criminal Law

Strafrechtelijke wet

Criminal proceedings start with the suspicion that a crime might have been committed, and they end when the said suspicion is resolved. Suspicion arises when there are concerete signs that an act that is deemed as a crime has been committed in any way. The purpose of criminal proceedings is

Immigration Law

Wet op buitenlanders

A foreigner is a person who is residing in Turkey and not a Turkish citizen. Law on foreigners means the set of norms that foreigners in a country are subject to solely because they are foreigners. These norms generally intervene with private law. For example; Law on Foreigner’s Work Permits

Contract Law


DRAFTING CONTRACTS AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION Contracts are set of rules that form the basis of many relations in daily life. This is why contracts have to be drafted, prepared and signed with diligence and utmost attention. Seeds of most of the disputes arising from contracts are sowed by not being

Health Law


DOCTORS’ PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY Health law sets out norms that regulate the liability of doctors against the hospitals, clinics, colleagues, other hospital personnel and most importantly against patients in the broadest sense. Doctors’ one of the most important responsibilities to the patients is informed consent and the regulations concerning thereof. The