Migration Laws in Turkey: What You Need to Know in Antalya, Kemer

Kemer immigration law firm
Kemer immigration law firm

The picturesque coastal town of Kemer in Turkey holds allure not only for tourists but also for those seeking a permanent residence. However, there are certain migration laws one must be aware of when considering living or working in this beautiful locale. Here’s what you need to know about migration laws in Kemer:

1. Residence Permits: Foreigners wishing to reside in Turkey for an extended period must obtain a residence permit from the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM). These permits can typically be granted for one year or longer and are categorized based on various factors such as work, education, or family reunification.

2. Citizenship Applications: Foreigners seeking Turkish citizenship must meet specific criteria, including residing in Turkey for a certain period, proficiency in the Turkish language, and meeting financial requirements.

3. Immigration Consultancy: Baris Erkan Celebi Law Office, a Kemer law firm specializing in migration laws, can assist foreigners with the migration processes in Turkey. This law firm in Kemer provides expert legal assistance in residence permits, citizenship applications, and other immigration-related legal matters.

For any inquiries regarding migration laws in Kemer, it’s crucial to get in touch with lawyers or law firms operating in the area. Among these, Baris Erkan Celebi Law Office stands out for its professional and reliable services. Obtaining the right legal support is vital for those looking to live or work permanently in Turkey.