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Fraud Under Turkish Law

Fraud Under Turkish Law

Fraud Under Turkish Law Under Turkish law, the crime of fraud is defined as deceiving someone through deceptive acts and profiting from these acts at the expense of the deceived or of a third party. By this definition, the elements of fraud are: a) deceptive acts, b) profiting from the

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Unjustified Enrichment and Claiming Compensation under Turkish Law

UNJUSTIFIED ENRICHMENT AND CLAIMING COMPENSATION (REIMBURSEMENT OF PAYMENTS) UNDER TURKISH LAW Unjustified enrichment means that one party, through its assets or effort, increases another party’s assets (or decreases it debts) on an unjustified reason. This unjustified reason is usually a contract which is invalid, void, terminated or withdrawn. By law,

Expert Witness in Turkish Law - Antalya Lawyer

Expert Witness in Turkish Law

EXPERT WITNESS IN TURKISH LAW Baris Erkan Celebi, Attorney at Law … Full Article only available in Turkish … V. CONCLUSION Witness expert is a new institution which was introduced to the legislation in 2011 by the article 293 of the Civil Procedure Code. However, prior to the Civil Procedure