About Barış Erkan Çelebi and his Antalya law firm
  • American Robert College | Graduated in 2011, extensive merit scholarship
  • Krakow Jagiellonian University Faculty of Law | Student exchange program between 2013-2014
  • İstanbul University Faculty of Law | Graduated in 2015
  • Bahçeşehir University Institute of Social Sciences |Master’s studies, completed thesis
Baris Erkan Celebi is an English-speaking lawyer who specializes in offering reliable legal counsel to international investors in Turkey. His Antalya law firm is referred by several  embassies and consulates in Turkey, including the United States Embassy and the German Consulate.
Antalya Lawyer | Baris Erkan Celebi
Baris Erkan Celebi started his career by practicing law in İstanbul’s major law firms, specifically in the fields of maritime law, transport law, corporate law, liability law, contract law and insurance & reinsurance. He traveled all around Europe to provide international investors with legal counsel and representation, before establishing his own law practice in Antalya. Today Baris Erkan Celebi specializes primarily in corporate law,international commercial law, real estate law, immigration law and contract law. At the core of his business conduct is top-notch client care which aims to assist the clients with conveniently navigating through Turkish legal norms and practices, all in professional-level English.Baris Erkan Celebi has published a book on law of yachts. Aside from numerous informative texts he routinely posts to keep his clients informed on legal norms, he also published several legal articles in several international magazines and on his website, including: